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If you are involved in any type of paternity dispute, you want answers. As you wait for the results, you want to know that your lawyer will be ready to protect your rights no matter what the outcome may be. At the Law Office of Brad McBride, P.A, I represent unmarried parents involved in paternity disputes. Whether you want to deny paternity or establish paternity, I will be there to help you through this time.

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I handle both the prosecution and defense of paternity actions; which side I represent depends on the client and the case. Handling a wide range of family law matters for my clients, I am prepared to guide you through the process and help you plan for the future , always keeping your goals firmly in mind.

For unmarried parents involved in paternity disputes, there is a lot resting on the results of these paternity tests. Whether I am working to secure fathers rights or I am helping a parent fight for child support, I will listen closely to your concerns to make sure you do what is right for your family. I can help you with the following concerns involved in your paternity dispute:

  • Visitation Rights
  • Child support
  • Child custody

Disproving Paternity

One of the hardest family law concerns to properly resolve in Florida it to disprove paternity. If you are named as the father on the birth certificate , you are presumed to be the father. However, you can bring a paternity action to protect your own rights. As I guide you through this process, you can be sure I will fight for you when a cooperative approach does not work.

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You want someone who will fight to protect your rights and help you find solutions no matter what obstacles you face. From my office in St. Augustine, I can help you resolve your paternity dispute. Contact us today to set up a consultation.

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